Khatam al Quraan - 27th night of Ramadan (July 24)

Please join us for the Khatam al Quraan on the 27 night of Ramadan (July 24) insha'Allah. Insha'Allah Shaykh Hamza Wald Maqbul will be joining us from Chicago.

Events Planned for Ramadan

1. Iftar will be held during the month of Ramadan. If you would like to sponsor an iftar please sign up in the Masjid.
2. Daily taraweeh will be held after Isha.
3. A short discourse regarding the recitation during taraweeh will be given 15 minutes before Isha Iqamah
4. Khatam-al-Quraan will be on the 27th night of Ramadan.
5. Excerpts from Imam Al Ghazali's book Bidayat al-Hidaya (The Beginning of Guidance) after Fajr salah.
6. Itikaf last 10 nights

We require your donations to keep the Masjid running and are currently in great need of funds. Please consider becoming a monthly donor by completing the attached direct debit authorization form.

Important Notes

Please place garbage in the proper bins.
Please arrive early to secure parking in the Masjid. We have additional parking in the Church across the street.
Do not block driveways or park on neighbors lawns.
Please keep your voices down when walking to the Masjid and to your cars. Please respect our neighbors.
Any car illegally parked is subject to having a violation sticker placed on the car or towed.


Insha'Allah we will be posting audio from our weekly Friday Lectures and other events. Past lectures:


Insha'Allah beginning this Friday, January 3rd a detailed Fiqh class will be held every Friday from 7:00pm to Isha.

The class will be taught by Imam Maulana Ibrahim Hashim Ahmad. Insha'Allah we will cover purification, salah, fasting, zakat, and more topics in detail.

The class is open to both brothers and sisters.

For more information, please contact us at

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